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5 Jun

Recently, I had the opportunity to make an infographic for my strategic communications class at the University of Oregon. I chose to do my infographic on the benefits of eating blueberries,with the idea that blueberry farmers or even grocery stores could post it to their social media sites, websites or both and from there, track the number of times the infographic is shared and viewed, which will enable the companies to measure how far their reach can travel with this kind of public relations tactic. Throughout this process, I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do, and I would like to share some of the knowledge I’ve acquired.

Here are some infographic tips:

1. Have all your information ready before starting your design.

2. Think of ways to show your information in visually creative ways.

3. Try comparing your statistical information against other statistics that your consumers can identify with.

4. Share information your consumers will care about and sort through your information to find data that will be the most relatable.

5. Keep it simple; overcrowding your page will just be confusing and your message won’t get across.

If done well, infographics can be a fun, engaging way to share your information; it can transform statistical data that can be confusing into something that is wonderfully appealing and approachable.

Blueberry infographic

Designed in Photoshop by Elise Cullen

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